Some more National Geographic moments

Just a quick update for now. We have just come back from a 2 day trip to Colca Canyon in Peru where we had at least two National Geographic experiences – probably more.

Experience 1. We went to Colca Canyon, (almost) the world’s deepest canyon on land. There may be deeper under the sea. It is twice as deep as its baby cousin fancifully called the “Grand Canyon” in the USA. Colca’s big brother Cotohuasi is about 12 hours down the road from Colca. What an amazing landscape….

Colca canyon

Experience 2. We watched Condor Eagles swooping and flying around in the early morning sun in Colca Canyon! Ever since I saw, many years ago, the film “The flight of the Condor” I have wondered what it would be like to arch these magnificent birds. It’s not even on my bucket list to watch them as the idea of going to Peru or Chile to bird watch is so far removed from what I ever thought possible – but it has happened! Thanks Marc for making it possible.

Condors in the Andes, Peru

The film is better, but here is a little of my real life experience today…

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