Iguazu… or is that Ig-WOW-zu?

To be fair I had never even heard of Iguazu/Iguaçu (depending which side of the border you are on) before Marc announced that he and our new short term travelling companion (the wonderful Jenn) had taken advantage of the fact that I was temporarily in Spain sorting out the contents of my house as it was being sold and arranged a trip for us to go there and stay for 4 nights.

To be fair again – I am very glad that they did!

For those who, like me, don’t know Iguazu is home to some of the most spectacular waterfalls as the Iguazu river crashes it’s way along the border between Argentina and Brazil.

Viewing the falls from the Brazilian side of the border (where in Portugese it is called Iguaçu) affords a spectacular panorama as enough water to fill around SIX Olympic size swimming pools each second falls about 80m between the upper and lower river.

It is hard to describe the scenery… So herewith a couple of pictures that fail to do it the kind of justice that only being there will/can do. Noise, spray, breathtaking beauty (and that was just Marc!) left us all both breathless and more than slightly damp – in a good way!



Marc and Jenn, Iguaçu

James @ Iguaçu

Add to this almost tame and very cheeky coatis almost stealing our lunch, the presence of toucans, buzzards, and all in glorious sunshine it would be hard to imagine having a better day – our only day in Brazil on our whole trip. (It still counts as I have the stamp in my passport to prove it!)

Iguaçu falls - from the Brazil side

…until the following day that is. A day experiencing the falls from the Argentine side. All the previous day we had wonderd hat the people were doing standing right on top of the falls. “What eejits” we thought…

There is something about standing right on top of the cliffs and arching all that water disappear under your feet that is – the only word for it – humbling. We drink water, we use it to wash our delicate clothes and even our skin, but… when you see SO much in such a small area falling over a cliff with that power… it is absolutely incredible.


and the wonder of it all is that we can be there watching it – yes getting wet in the spray, but not minding at all. Rainbows, double rainbows so close I am sure we could touch them. Realisation that if we fell in then there was no chance of coming out again alive. But you know what? It was SOMEthing just to be there.


Double rainbow, Iguazu


And the thing that surprised me was how little we had to move away from the point of the falls until everything was deceptively calm and we could spend time looking at the wildlife…

Isn’t nature wonderful?

River Iguazu


Cayman, Iguazu



  1. I didn’t realise you’d never heard of it, very glad to have added this to your adventures :)

  2. It is a wonderful place. Glad you got to experience it.

  3. Very impressive, thanks for sharing your experience.


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