Going up market to beat travel fatigue

In more than 5 months on the road we have stayed at all sorts of places as we travel the Americas. We have stayed in hostels, we have stayed in people’s homes through Airbnb – either with their presence (ie a room in their home) or more often, renting the whole flat for a few days, we have stayed on a number of boats, we have slept on overnight bus journeys, we have stayed in various grades of hotels too with wide ranging “facilities”. We even home-stayed in a tiny village on an island on Lake Titicaca… talk about poverty and lack of facilities?


However, every now and then we treat ourselves and go “up market” to somewhere “posh” for a few days, just to have a holiday from our trip as it were. It doesn’t have to cost the earth either. Big hotels are chasing occupancy even during the week and with tools like booking.com and the like it is often possible to find a bargain just as travel fatigue is setting in.

Right now we are in La Paz and, though we have been at altitude in Peru and now Bolivia for more than 4 weeks, we are both tired, suffering from minor colds and coughs, and generally a bit run down after an intense time trailing after the Incas. So we are having a break – 4 nights in a spacious apartment in an aparthotel in the central business district in La Paz. We have room to spread ourselves around, we have fabulous wifi. We have access to the business centre (which has proved serendipitous as we have had a brush with bureaucracy today). The staff cannot be more attentive and helpful. There is a spa area where we can get someone else to pamper us.

All in all money well spent. Already looking forward to our next journey to Sucre on an overnight bus on Friday night!

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  1. You guys have given me inspiration and places to go loved all your blogs glad you taking a little posh nosh to pick up your strength before more adventures lov you guys


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